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We have put together a few answers to questions that we are often asked. If you do not see an answer to your question here please click contact us and we'll take you to our inquiry form.

General Information

** The information in this document is not intended to replace the advice of a lawyer or accountant and should not be relied upon as such.

Is There a Time Limit to Bring a Lawsuit?

The time limit to file a personal injury lawsuit is known as Statute of Limitations. The limitations for personal injury cases in Ontario is generally two years from the date of accident/injury. You should always consult a lawyer to know your Statute of Limitations as there are a few exceptions to the rule.

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What Will I Have to Prove to Win My Case?
  1. Liability - who is at fault? The jury will assign a percentage of fault to each party involved. Take for example if two cars collided with each other and both driver says the other one ran a red light, then the jury can believe one side and will put driver 1 at 0% fault and driver 2 100%. Fault can also get split in 50-50 or any other degree of fault that a jury believes is fair.

  2. Damages - You have to prove your personal injuries and losses which you have suffered. In order to prove physical injuries you have to present medical reports which clearly states your health status and injuries. Serious injury can result in your inability to work and affect your future earnings/wages. You may be faced with medical expenses at the time of the accident or into the future. Damages must be quantified and calculated, as the only award a jury can make is monetary.

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How Do I Know If I Have a Good Case?

You will usually have a case, if you suffered serious personal injury due to someone else’s fault or negligence. However, there are various factors which need to be considered before filing a lawsuit. Even if you were a victim of a serious personal injury, it could be a complicated process to file a lawsuit and receive justice from the negligent party involved. This is why it is best to seek legal advice. Contact us so we will help you receive justice and fair compensation.

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