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Workers Compensation Plans by Province

Please note that this is a summary only and not an exhaustive list of the legislation and regulations and should not be considered legal advice. If you are considering an application to the Worker’s Compensation Board in your Province please contact a lawyer familiar with work place compensation claims in your Province.  

The following pages highlight the legislation as it relates to a worker's ability to take action against a third party for injury or disease sustained while working. 

Brown Law does not act for individuals applying for Workers' Compensation. After initial advice regarding the advisability of applying for workers' compensation from one of the Provincial boards, if you decide to go the workers' compensation route, you should not need a lawyer or pay legal fees unless the board denies your claim and a denial needs to be appealed. 

If you are a union member there may be a workers compensation advocate available to you by calling your union.  

The time limit for applying for WSIB benefits in Ontario is six months from the date of diagnosis.