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What Questions to ask When Finding a Lawyer for Asbestos Claims in Canada

When it comes to deciding on which asbestos firm you want to represent you, the questions you need to ask are:

Will You be Personally Acting for me in My Case? Or do You Just Refer Cases Out to Other Law Firms who Specialize in this Area?

At Brown Law we personally handle your claim. We do not, as many Canadian Law Firms do, refer your claim to U.S. Law Firms that pay a referral fee. We are registered with the asbestos trusts so that we can file your claims with the appropriate trust(s) and then follow up with your case. We also live and work in Canada, not simply have an office mailing address and phones routed through Canada to look like you are hiring a Canadian firm, when in fact your lawyer may be in the US or Australia. If you cannot find a Canadian Provincial Law Society affiliation, chances are that the lawyer does not practice in Canada. If you have any doubts, ask for the lawyers Law Society registration number.

Why do I Care if My Lawyer Practices in Canada?

The compensation trusts, with which your claims are filed, are located in the United States. Although business with the trusts is conducted in English, when dealing with an area of law as specialized as asbestos claims, it can feel like another language. Between acronyms and phrases coined for use with this process, it is useful to have a Canadian interpretation. We know what additional supporting documents your claim will require because you are Canadian. By providing this information with the initial claims filing, delays can be avoided.

Lawyers in Canada are required to be registered with the Law Society in their Province/Territory. They are also required to carry insurance. You can find out about past performance by checking with the Law Society where they are registered. This adds an extra layer of security for you. If your non-Canadian lawyer misses something you will likely have no recourse through the Canadian Courts.

See Registration information here for Michelle Brown.

What Experience Does Brown Law Office Have in Dealing With Asbestos Compensation Claims? How Many Claims Have You Handled?

At Brown Law Office our team has over 20 years of experience working with asbestos victims, handling hundreds of cases of mesothelioma compensation together with many more asbestosis and cancer claims. A desire to ensure that claims are handed personally and efficiently has brought this small, personal team together at Brown Law. A mesothelioma patient does not need the stress of dealing with a firm where you speak to a different person every time you call.  

What Amounts of Compensation Have You Recovered for Mesothelioma Victims?

This question is designed to sway your opinion as many law firms report gross recovery for their best cases only. What you really want to know is what do you know about my case and possible recovery. We can tell you that only when we know the circumstances of your exposure. Beware of any law firm that promises compensation amounts without knowing your situation. We can tell you that asbestos victims with whom our team has worked have recovered millions.

How Much Does it Cost?

Brown Law handles asbestos claims on a contingency fee basis. This means that we only get paid when we are successful. We will fund the initial cost of claim investigation and you will receive no bill for these expenses if no compensation is obtained.

Contact Brown Law Office if you or a loved one is looking for a Canadian Asbestos Lawyer. The team at Brown Law is here to guide you through the process, and get you maximum compensation.