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What Is Cancer Staging?

One of the questions we ask and get asked when we are first contacted in an effort to determine how critical speed is in relation to moving forward with claims for compensation is "did your cancer doctor tell you what stage your mesothelioma is considered to be?". Alternatively, we get asked what treatments are possible at various stages. Remember, although we know a fair bit about asbestos compensation we are NOT medical professionals. We can point you in the right direction only.

We post here a graphic of pleural mesothelioma staging for basic understanding of the process.

Mesothelioma stages

We generally hear from patients (or their children) when they have already reached stage 4 due to the difficulty of obtaining a diagnosis.

If possible, and this option is available to any person diagnosed with mesothelioma in Canada, seek a referral to the mesothelioma cllinic at Toronto General or Princess Margaret. These doctors are the most knowledgeable, and the nurses and staff the best trained to get you any treatment answers. They do remote virtual consultations. This is how you find out if treatment is possible and what that would entail.

If treatment is possible, travel to the hospital can be arranged depending on location and ability to travel. Worst case scenario is an Air Ambulance.

Mesothelioma stages

Hospital row, University Avenue in Toronto, includes Toronto General, Mount Sinai and Princess Margaret who use the Hospital for Sick Kids roof helipad so patients can be transferred from Pearson (YYZ) or any southern Ontario hospital.

If someone you love has been diagnosed with Mesothelioma and you are seeking more information, please contact us. One of us can get back to you regardless of office hours.