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Seven Things You Need to Know About Asbestos Claims and Workers’ Compensation Claims in Saskatchewan

  1. Pros and ConsIf you are diagnosed with an asbestos related disease after you have retired, you are not entitled to any monthly benefits as these are based on pre-diagnosis earnings.
  2. The workers’ compensation board does pay a Permanent Functional Impairment (PFI) lump sum benefit. This is based on a percentage of your functional ability but is never less than $2,200 or more than $45,200. The Workers’ Compensation Board uses the American Medical Association Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment (AMA Guides) as its rating schedule.
  3. If your asbestos related disease causes you disability of greater than 10% of your functional ability, you may qualify for a yearly independence allowance to assist you to remain in your home or improve your independence.
  4. The mileage reimbursement rate for travel to obtain required medical care is 45.14¢ unless you are north of the 54th parallel in which case the rate is 47.94¢.
  5. If your spouse or child gets mesothelioma because of take-home asbestos from your workplace, they do not qualify for WCB Benefits even though the exposure is technically occupational.
  6. The Board pays a maximum funeral expense amount of $10,000, indexed annually.
  7. You may retain a lawyer to proceed to make claims to the asbestos trusts with the permission of WCB Saskatchewan, however any funds received must be paid to WCB until any payments they have made on your behalf are fully reimbursed. This includes payment allotted for medical care provided to you as medical care costs that would otherwise be covered by your provincial medical plan. Once your Workers’ Compensation Claim has been approved your entire medical costs are transferred to be considered a WCB claim expense.

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