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Disability Claims

If your doctor has advised you that you need to stop work or take a leave from work in order to get well, you may need a lawyer in order to enable you to have income while you are not able to work. If you have applied on your own and been turned down for benefits, do not despair. Make an appointment to see Michelle Brown and get her experience working for you.

For any number of reasons, you may find yourself unable to meet the demands of your job. Disability income providers usually have medical requirements, waiting period and benefit limits which are very confusing. Every policy or plan is different and must be reviewed against the facts of your unique situation.

As an experienced personal injury law firm we have run into many situations after a fall, or a motor vehicle accident, when an application for income replacement benefits is necessary. Not all disabilities start with an acute event, such as a fall or car accident, and a medical condition may have gotten worse over time while you have continued to work thinking you could “tough it out”. How long you need to be off; a few weeks; a couple of months; permanently: will impact what benefits you should apply for. Disability benefits come in many forms:

  • Employment Insurance;
  • Employer provided disability benefits;
  • Private short and long term disability benefits;
  • Statutory Accident Benefits (SABS);
  • CPP disability benefits;
  • Disability tax credit;
  • Ontario Works.

Each of these types of benefits are governed by different rules about qualification. Do you need help knowing where and when to apply? There is an order of priority in some cases and your claim will not be approved without application to another income source. If you were self-employed or about to start a new job you may need to prove past or future income to qualify.

It is impossible for your doctor to be abreast of all of the rules for the medical requirements and reporting necessary to have your claim approved and then continued without the assistance of a lawyer that understands the insurance policy requirements or tribunal rules. If you have reached an impasse with your insurance company or have been told you need to take time off work and don’t know how to apply without legal support Brown Law can help. Please contact us now.