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Canadian Asbestos Mines

Asbestos Mines in Canada Employment in Canada reached a high 
in 1974 of 70,000 direct asbestos mine workers.

  1. Clinton Creek Mine, operated by Cassiar Asbestos Corp. Ltd., Clinton Creek, Yukon. Years operational 1967 - 1978.
  2. Cassiar Mine, operated by Cassiar Asbestos Corp. Ltd., McDame Mountain, British Columbia. Years operational 1953 – 1993.
  3. Van Packer Mine, Van Packer Mines of Canada Co., located near South Porcupine, Ontario, operational from 1951 – 1955. Note Van Packer purchased other small mines in this area which were previously operated by individual companies. Asbestos mining in this area was abandoned as unprofitable.
  4. Munro Mine, operated by Canadian Johns-Manville Co. Ltd., Matheson, Ontario, years operational 1949 – 1964.
  5. Jeffrey Mine, operated by Canadian Johns-Manville Co. Ltd., Asbestos, Quebec. Operational 1880 – 2011.
  6. Lake Asbestos of Quebec, operated by Lake Asbestos of Quebec Ltd., Black Lake, Quebec. Years operational 1888 – 2011.
  7. Bell Mine, operated by Bell Asbestos Mines Ltd.,  a subsidiary of Turner & Newall, Thetford Mines, Quebec, operational 1888 – 2011.
  8. King Mine, operated by King Brothers Co., until 1925 then Asbestos Corporation Inc., located in Thetford Mines, Quebec. Years operational 1879 – 1986.
  9. Beaver Mine, operated by Jacob Mine Co. Ltd., until 1925, then Asbestos Corporation Inc., Thetford Mines, Quebec, operational 1880 – 1995.
  10. Johnson Mine, operated by Johnson’s Asbestos Company Ltd., until 1964 then Asbestos Corporation Inc., located in Thetford Mines, Quebec, years operational 1878 – 1964. This mine had the honour of being the first asbestos mine opened in Canada.
  11. Flintkote Mine, operated by Flintkote Mines Ltd., (Flintkote Company), Pontbriand, Quebec. Years operational 1945 – 1971.
  12. QAC Mine, operated by Quebec Asbestos Corporation, (Philip Carey/Celotex) East Broughton, Quebec. Years operational 1918 – 1955. See Carey Mine for more information.  
  13. Carey Mine, Carey Canadian Ltd. (Phillip Carey/Celotex) located in East Broughton Station, Quebec. Years operational 1955 – 1986.  
  14. Nicolet Mine, operated by Nicolet Asbestos Mines Ltd., a subsidiary of Nicolet Industries Inc.,  located in Norbestos, Quebec, years operational 1939 - 1969. 
  15. Advocate Mine, operated by Canadian Johns-Manville Co. Ltd., located in Baie Verte, Newfoundland. Years operational 1955 – 1995.

If you or a loved one worked at one of these mines and have information to add, we would be pleased to hear from you.

Our firm has experience in applications for monetary compensation for individuals suffering from mesothelioma. Please contact Brown Law Office if you have an asbestos related disease arising from exposure at a Canadian asbestos mine or from exposure to products made from raw asbestos fibre.