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Asbestos Resources

If you believe you are currently being exposed to construction dust that may contain asbestos and the workers are not taking any precautions, you can contact your local public health department.  They have the ability to send out a public health inspector to establish the presence, or not, of asbestos in the dust you are being exposed to.  For example, your landlord is doing renovations in neighboring apartments and the torn our materials are being transported through the hallways, leaving a trail of dust. You know your apartment building was built in the 1970s so you are concerned. Given how may construction materials contained asbestos before 1982, you have a right to be concerned, especially if you have contacted your landlord to ask if they did any asbestos testing and you get blown off.  

Here is a link to the Region of Durham public health department.  You can simply search your town/city and public health.  

If you live in a older home and are concerned that there are asbestos materials that may be disturbed during renovations or repairs TS Environmental Services can give you an answer.  Tony can test materials couriered to his lab in Mississauga, Ontario, or he can perform a visual inspection of the premises and obtain samples of questionable material.   If you are too far away for him to personally assist, he can refer you to someone in your area. 

If you are a Veteran and your asbestos exposure was during your service, an application to Veteran Affairs may be beneficial.  A lump sum critical injury benefit may be payable.   Other benefits, including assistance with care, may also apply.

The Canadian Mesothelioma Foundation is a not-for-profit organization that provides information about mesothelioma and support for patients and families of those diagnosed with this disease. This is an organization of volunteers who have been personally affected by mesothelioma. They do not advocate on behalf of any particular treatment option or compensation, but simply put forward information in a concise and straightforward manner. If you are not able to locate any support groups in your area the Canadian Mesothelioma Foundation has options available to all, regardless of location.  There are member only online Facebook closed groups for patients and caregivers. If you are dealing with mesothelioma in a remote location, or are a caregiver with a busy schedule, we suggest you try this group.  We have been told by clients that joining has been invaluable.  

June 09, 2023 the Canadian Mesothelioma Foundation launched a new support method for mesothelioma patients and caregivers with sessions via Zoom.  This means that no matter how isolated you feel you can be involved.  Zoom can be downloaded onto your phone, tablet, laptor or destop.  

Once you have Zoom, here is the CMF information to sign up.  

The Canadian Cancer Society is a valuable asset for anyone suffering from Mesothelioma or other asbestos caused cancers. We urge you to contact the Canadian Cancer Society in your area who can provide emotional and practical assistance to cancer patients.  They have knowledge regarding how and where to obtain loans of assistive devices for home use including walkers, wheelchairs, shower stools and bed trays.  

Most local chapters of the Canadian Cancer Society have volunteer drivers to assist patients with transport for treatment and medical visits for a reasonable cost.  This service can help to reduce the burden on family members that may be quickly exhausting their vacation days.  

The Cancer Society has funded clinical trials for new therapy that is showing promise. To read about these trials and to sign up for updates we attach the link here:

The Princess Margaret Hospital in Toronto has long been at the leading edge of cancer research and has assembled a group of people who know as much as there is to know about the treatment options for mesothelioma. They have developed a rapid assessment and diagnostic program so that if mesothelioma is suspected a diagnosis can be made quickly. They have a wonderful system through the Telehealth network of being able to assist patients throughout Ontario. If your local oncologist has little experience with Mesothelioma, referral information is easily accessible.  Princess Margaret treats patients from all parts of Canada, not just Ontario.  

 The American Cancer Society has a page dedicated to Malignant Mesothelioma.  The site includes the option for information in PDF format in 14 languages additional to English which is especially useful for English as a second language patients and families.

On the west coast,  a non-profit organization, the Canadian Society for Asbestos Victims, has a site that provides information about asbestos in an easy to read format. This site currently has no Canadian Law Firms as service providers for asbestos claims but lots of other relevant information.

The family of Mesothelioma victim Dave Ford founded the Asbestos Research, Education and Advocacy Fund in 2010 to assist other searching for assistance and information following a Mesothelioma diagnosis.  Dave Ford was a long time employee of a BC Paper mill. 

Locally, we are lucky to have a wonderful place for all cancer patients and families called Hearth Place. This is a largely volunteer organization that offers programming and support groups for all cancers, not just asbestos caused cancer.  

Most communities in Canada have a hospice program with or without a residential hospice.  We urge you to get information about what is available in your area.  Pain management, meal programs, caregiver support and respite care are examples of services that hospice care may offer.   Don't be fearful of checking out hospice services early.  Once you see how nice some of the hospice facilities are, you can stop worrying about going into the hospice if and when comfort care is required.  

If you have a suggestion for other resources that may be of value to our clients, please contact us. We are always seeking information for any support groups for newly diagnosed mesothelioma victims and their families.