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Asbestos Products in Canada; including company information

The most common answer when we ask the question, where were you exposed to asbestos, is "I don’t know". Particularly with the shock of recent diagnosis, those that worked with products that contained asbestos as opposed to raw asbestos are not aware of the wide range of materials that contained asbestos within the product.

Many asbestos manufacturing corporations branched into the Canadian market by having a Canadian subsidiary. Montreal was the home base for many of these companies as the source of raw asbestos was close at hand. The finished materials could then be loaded on lake freighters, ships, or trains for transport to other destinations in Canada and around the world. The Province of Quebec was a strong supporter of the asbestos industry and offered incentives to corporations to manufacture in Quebec.  

All Shipyards pose a great risk of asbestos exposure with the ports in Quebec having an even higher level of danger due to the raw asbestos being shipped to factories in the United States and in later years to manufacturers operating in third world countries that had lower safety standards.  Raw asbestos was spread in ship holds to soak up moisture and wick it away from cargo.

When attempting to reconstruct an individual’s exposure history we find that images, or pictures, are the most useful material to trigger memories and start the conversation.

We have obtained information from the Canadian Trademark office. The Trademarks have either expired or been expunged. These images were registered, in many cases, in the early part of the 20th century. The images are poor quality but included as a picture says a thousand words.

This list may be shorter than those you may locate on other lawyers’ websites. We have included only those applicable to Canada.

Working with products manufactured by these companies put you and your family at risk. If you have developed mesothelioma, contact us to get more information regarding compensation available to you from these companies.